Discuss Interesting Topics

At Budapest Bridge, our goal is to connect people and build an international community. The best way to accomplish this goal is through encouraging open discussion between those who attend our events.

Through our group discussions, viewpoints about a variety of topics can be discussed in a safe environment; new things can be learned, and minds can even be changed. Our discussions are led by leaders who are knowledgeable about various topics of discussion, which can include (but are not limited to) science, faith, politics, and culture. Through discussion, we build knowledge: knowledge about others, knowledge about the world, and even knowledge about ourselves. Come to one of our future discussion events and give it a try!


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Discover Hungary

In addition to our discussion events, we here at Budapest Bridge would also like to explore Hungary. Whether it is the beautiful streets of Budapest, or small villages full of tradition and folklore, or an outdoor adventure in nature with our organized hikes. 

Budapest Bridge is happy to organize events that showcase the rich history and culture of Hungary in a tangible way.


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Build International Friendships

The Budapest Bridge events are open and interactive. Our events are designed to bring together people of diverse backgrounds and offer the opportunity to share ideas, moments, and points of view.

This friendly environment can help foster the development of deep and lasting relationships between those who regularly attend events. Extra events provide further opportunities to meet and interact with new people.

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Who we are?

Budapest Bridge is a community for international and Hungarian students, as well as other young people living in Budapest.

Our aim is to get to know other cultures and promote cross-cultural friendships: to be the bridge connecting cultures.

We organise interactive, thought-provoking discussions about various topics of interest. We also organize "Discover Hungary" events to get to know Hungary and its culture better, in addition to other fun extra events such as hiking, skating, and board game nights.



My name is Moaz Abu Shaar. I am from Damascus, in Syria. I enjoyed being part of Budapest Bridge because at Bridge I could talk freely about my ideas in an acceptable, open-minded atmosphere, where respect was the main factor of the discussion regardless of whether you agreed with others' ideas or not. There I could create wonderful and sustainable friendships

October 3rd, 2018



Budapest Bridge is a place of learning. It allows it's participants to explore many opinions different from their own and gives them the opportunity to defend or change their views. I came to Bridge the very day I arrived in Budapest a year and a half ago and I've been attending ever since. The Bridge leadership team and many of the attendees are among my dearest friends here as well. Bridge is a place to build friendships and engage in discussion and anyone can benefit from attending.

October 17th, 2018


I enjoy being part of Budapest Bridge because it has helped me to listen to points of view different from mine. By interacting with such a diverse group and covering a myriad of different topics, I have had the chance to meet new friends and become more sociable. I would say it is an important part of my life in Budapest because of the people I have met, which I am all too thankful for. I enjoy planning new discussion topics because it gives me the chance to think about different aspects of a topic I am interested in, and gives me the chance to share opinions about it.

December 12th, 2018